You know that investing in renewable energy projects is an increasingly popular form of sustainable investment. But do you know why? 

Below you can read the personal motivation of investors who have invested over Mongoose Energy in renewable energy.

1. Mr. JJP Prince, a retired care manager (64 years): "It is a sustainable / environmentally conscious investment, reliable + attractive interest rates. I am a great advocate of renewable energy (solar panels) and energy efficiency. In recent years I have made more and more conscious or sustainable investments."

2. Mr. JT Edens, government policy (49 years): "For over 20 years I borrowed money to a wind energy cooperative in the head of North Holland. Now wind turbines are placed in my neighborhoods, I think investing money here is fun. So I support renewable energy and I get a good rate. To keep the risk limited I have therefore invested only part of my savings. " 

3. Anonymous investor, insurance (39 years): "The main reason I have invested in HP Vlaardingen is that the interest currently being shown on a savings / deposits is very low and offered interest rate for the subordinated loan is relatively high. Especially considering the limited risk. The wind farm is in fact developed by a very professional party and the main risks are contractually mitigated and / or insured. The probability that the deposit does not come back is also referred to as zero in my opinion.

Renewable energy has a bright future.
Regardless of the consequences for the environment which the burning of fossil fuels possible entails, it is undisputed on fossil fuels. The transition to sustainable energy will wind certainly play an important role."

4. Mr. MG v B. object protector (54).: "For me, investing in wind, even solar in the Netherlands, is a logical option. Bank savings yields nothing, and always blowit. I cycle to work every day, and have therefore always one more time against the wind, and even start to like it! "

5. Mr. JW Menkveld, entrepreneur (39 years): "Now I have five years experience as an entrepreneur and business doing my wealth (pension). This is what I like to keep in my own hands. By that I retain the flexibility to use my ability for my company or invest just to get returns. In my company I take conscious risks with my wealth I will run much less risk. That's why I spread my ability on stocks, bonds and savings products. The projects on sustainable investments offer good returns at low cost and with very limited risk. For me, a very welcome addition that allows me to spread my good (pension) funds. A pleasant side effect is that I immediately make a contribution to a better world for future generations. "

6. anonymous investor, the manager (47 years): "Investing in a sustainable project for me is an obvious conclusion: in this way, I know exactly what is happening with my money, I contribute to what I think is important and achieve a net return. Because I've been working for years in the renewable sector, I can properly assess the risks: in my opinion quite acceptable. Investments with a maturity of 5 years is good to overlook. "

7. Mr. L. Konings, Senior Logistic Employee (33 years): "This is the 2nd time I've invested in a similar project (1st time on this organisation). For these following three reasons:
1. Renewable energy is the future and fossil fuels because of the impending scarcity its becoming more expensive.
2. It contributes to a better environment.
3. The interest given is a significant improvement over the current savings.
My experience so far is positive, it communicates clearly and above all fast. "

8. Mr. H. de Ruiter (54 years): "Although I already ample time siege, it never kept me busy with investing directly in the 'source' but always through the bank. This is the first time that I've invest in a windmill. What appealed to me most was that a third-party account is used by a notary, making you quite sure it reaches the money Yard Energy. And let's face it a relatively safe yield of 5.8% which gives you still inside. "