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Heart of England Community Energy (HECE) Bond Offer

* Invest as part of the first £500k and earn an extra 1% interest for the first 12 months.


Up to the point of completion or close, this offer benefits from monthly bond allocations, on the 1st of each month. This means that if you place and complete your order in one month, your bonds will be issued and start accruing interest from the 1st of the following month. For example:
For investments made before 30th April, interest begins to accrue on 1st May;
For investments made before 31st May, interest begins to accrue on 1st June.

We are excited to invite you to invest in the Heart of England Community Energy (HECE) through our very first bond offer! By investing, you will be supporting community ownership of local, renewable energy resources and the re-investment of HECE’s profits into the local community of the Heart of England region.

In July 2017, HECE acquired three operational solar farms, located on the old DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) site just outside Statford-Upon-Avon. This means HECE is the UK’s largest community energy company by assets under ownership.

The goal of this bond raise is to start paying off the loan from Social & Sustainable Capital (SASC) that was used to acquire these three projects, thus reducing the cost of capital of the HECE projects. SASC are a specialist investment fund with the goal of supporting community organisations to deliver sustainable solutions to social issues.

HECE has been established to recycle its profits back into the Heart of England community by supporting local charities and projects with a social and environmental impact. It is our goal to donate up to £2.7 million to good causes over the project's lifetime with a minimum of £30,000 per annum in the initial years.


- 5% target returns
- Innovative Finance ISA eligible 
- 4-year term
- Target of £1,000,000
- Annual target of £30,000 to Community Benefit Fund and £2.7m over project lifetime
- Minimum investment of £500 (investment in multiples of £100)

Your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed. Read the full offer document, understand the risks, and agree with the terms before deciding to invest.

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