How does the platform work?

Joining the Mongoose Crowd is simple. Here, we’ve explained the process. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

You must complete the registration process before you can invest. To register you need to share your email, address and be able to upload a copy of a document that confirms your identity (e.g., a passport or driving license).
2. Verify Your Identity:
Once we have received your information we must verify your identity to confirm that you are you. This is a normal process that is completed for any individual seeking to invest or move money in the UK and is required by anti-money laundering regulations. We’ll need to complete this process before you are eligible to invest.
3. Confirm Your Investor Type:
Before making an investment you’ll be asked to confirm what investment experience you have by selecting your investor type - specific details on each investor type are available in the registration process. You will also need to confirm that you understand the risks involved with the types of investments Mongoose Crowd offers by completing a short appropriateness test.
4. Search Investment Opportunities:
You are free to browse investment opportunities at any time. When you download an Offer document, it will automatically be emailed to you as well.
5. Invest:
When you are ready to invest you’ll be asked to transfer funds or make a payment, which goes into your online account (known as an e-wallet). The funds are allocated to your investment but will remain in your e-wallet until the offer closes or completes, at which point the funds are transferred out of the e-wallet and your bond or share certificate is issued.
6. Interest Payments:
Bond payments will be automatically made into your e-wallet on the agreed date (normally, annually).